Land of Poverty

The poor are everywhere.

Not just in Asia or Africa, but the western world too.

It makes me ponder.

“Just a year ago it was said 37 million poor hidden in the land of plenty
A shocking 37 million Americans live in poverty.
That is 12.7 per cent of the population –
the highest percentage in the developed world.
They are found from the hills of Kentucky to Detroit’s streets,
from the Deep South of Louisiana to the heartland of Oklahoma.”

does charity begin at home…


2 Responses to “Land of Poverty”

  1. newhoosier Says:

    And yet Angelina Jolie and Madonna don’t get their orphans from the U.S.??????

    George Clooney doesn’t need to go to Darfur, either.

    But that would mean that Americans are thinking for themselves and we can’t have that.

  2. enreal Says:

    Charity does not begin at home. I believe there are millions of Americans who would be willing to help, that is if they took off their Chanel sunglasses and rolled down their tinted windows in their Mercedes. It is crazy to think about these statistics as being true, however, we live in an age where it is fashionable to show the world what we can do for it.

    I applause generosity, no matter where to, however, do the deed for yourselves and not for others praise. And sometimes you need to open your door and start at home. There are needy people everywhere…
    I sound heartless…but when I see people sleeping on the streets in one of the worlds wealthiest city…it makes you wonder.

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