Question the System

one has to ask why?

why this government?

why this working week?

why this interest rate?

why these atomic weapons?

why this crime?

why these lost emails?

why these scapegoats?

why this endemic illness in our children?

why this monopoly on information?

why these constant assassinations?

why this one world thinking?

don’t take things at face value –

ask why?


8 Responses to “Question the System”

  1. whig Says:

    Why this mountain?

    Why this sky?

    This long road?

    This empty train?

    Kokoku by Laurie Anderson.

  2. whig Says:

    Oops, wrong song.

    Gravity’s Angel by Laurie Anderson.

  3. whig Says:

    And I got some lyrics wrong, too… Should be… Why these mountains? Why this sky? This long road. This ugly train.

  4. whig Says:

    If you don’t like your present environment, change it for the better.

  5. newhoosier Says:

    Asking “why” is only the first step.

    After asking “why,” you have to be prepared to fix what you don’t like or else knowing “why” doesn’t do you much good.

  6. enreal Says:

    Why can’t we learn from all these questions?

  7. RubyShooZ Says:

    Wait a minute here…..

    Why not??

  8. faithwalk Says:

    Good questions both, why and why not.
    Have asked them both more than a few times in my life, many more in fact! 🙂

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