Whatfor Schools?

The uses and abuses of education have occupied me of late.  We force kids to undergo over a decade of this system – 6 hours/day, 5 days/week, 30-35 weeks per year.  Indoctrination or training the mind? or just waste of time?

Or just a holding pen for kids?

There are many views, but only one outcome – the ones they endure and survive.

“Down through history and all over the world, education has had two great goals: to help people become smart and to help them become good.”

Virtue Education: Does it Work?


All I Ever Learnt

Anybody else look back on their formal education with a sense of disgust and wasted time?

“The older I get the more I subscribe to the notion that “everything truly important I ever needed to learn I learned in kindergarten.” It seems to me that the social graces of our society have devolved to the point that coarseness overshadows most human interaction. To make matters worse, these days so few seem to possess the critical thinking and interpersonal skills once honed”

Are We Simply Practicing “Social Thermodynamics?”

Law School and Grades

The vexed problem of assessing student performance gets a thorough treatment here – in the context of law.

Certainly for professional qualifications, some measurements (however subjective) need to be in place.

Some demand grades:

“It turns out that, in an effort to decrease competition among the students, Boalt had done away with traditional grades.”

“This system meant that a law firm, unless it got the kids at the very top of the class, had no idea whether it was getting a great student, a good student, or someone who just avoided failing. Considering the cost involved in recruiting and training young attorneys, it turned out that a lot of law firms weren’t willing to take the risk that they might not get one of the academically solid kids.”

I’m not getting the information I need