Whatfor Schools?

The uses and abuses of education have occupied me of late.  We force kids to undergo over a decade of this system – 6 hours/day, 5 days/week, 30-35 weeks per year.  Indoctrination or training the mind? or just waste of time?

Or just a holding pen for kids?

There are many views, but only one outcome – the ones they endure and survive.

“Down through history and all over the world, education has had two great goals: to help people become smart and to help them become good.”

Virtue Education: Does it Work?


Real Change

Only at the grassroots can we bring about genuine change – change that is for us, driven by us.  A sense of community, and authenticity – not the over-rule of government.  We help, by helping ourselves:

“Students Without Borders (SWB) – Nigeria
This is a youth programme supported by Teachers Without Borders, Nigeria. SWB aims to encourage Nigerian students to bring about positive changes in their communities, enable the exchange of resource information, and facilitate the education of other young people (using their peers’ achievements at the local level as a showcase). The programme is focused on community projects that use communication to bring about change”

Community Action

All I Ever Learnt

Anybody else look back on their formal education with a sense of disgust and wasted time?

“The older I get the more I subscribe to the notion that “everything truly important I ever needed to learn I learned in kindergarten.” It seems to me that the social graces of our society have devolved to the point that coarseness overshadows most human interaction. To make matters worse, these days so few seem to possess the critical thinking and interpersonal skills once honed”

Are We Simply Practicing “Social Thermodynamics?”

Monster Achievements

I have done 2 things in my life that I am proud of and will take to my grave.

1) Learning Latin – this took years of pain and self-tuition. Ever tried reading a latin grammar book? It’s a nonsense; everything comes it tables, there is obscure grammatical terms that have no equivalent in english (ablative, subjunctive constructions) and dictionaries are for the most part incomplete. It’s a nightmare.

2) Learning Music Theory – again self taught. My family are musical ignoramuses (or should that be ignorami?) and anything older than the 1970’s was banned in terms of music. Classical was a discovery that rocked my world (pardon the pun). I’ve pursued it ever since. You can test me on my scales and half-cadences.

These things have great personal significance and meaning; I’m sure you have your own monster achievements that the world (until now) knows nothing of.

We construct our own lives and meaning.