The 5 per centers

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engaged with life? involved?

You must be one of the 5 per centers.  Everyone else is just an observer.


Most Prized Possession

I’ve had the fortune/misfortune of having some rather painful, long-term illnesses (6 months – 2 years).  I’ve recovered from both instances.  However, it does make you appreciate your health!

Having a fairly functional body is something not many appreciate until they lose it.  Life is still possible, and things enjoyable, but it certainly puts many barriers in the way.  Everything becomes an effort.

Having lost it and regained it, I can pretty safely say that my health is my most prized possession.

Changing Course

Life is full of humorous surprises: we go one way, and it leads us to another.  We go forwards, and it takes us around; be prepared –

“How to change course? U turns. Be careful when making them. Proceed with caution; on coming traffic can be perilous to your change of heart. Remember: only when imagination intersects with belief, will the harmony of your intent be made manifest.”

Change (1)

More Energy


the story of my life

The Soul Speaks

sometimes the truth is literal, sometimes it is a code – a shorthand for something else.

thanks to mockingbird for this encoding:

“hear! hear my pleading cry!

i come summoned ‘neath the weary lands
and cry too but of my ancient song.
upon my face the soles of a thousand men
quilt an emblem of truth and love lost.

help me! give me strength!”

a meeting between a man and his ghost

Life Elsewhere

You know ufo’s and aliens? well, they exist – honest,

The ingredients of life are not unique, and the timelines don’t have to align with ours.

Accept the possibility, and your whole universe and worldview changes:

“I was fairly astounded to find that astrobiology – the study of whether life exists elsewhere in the universe – is actually a respected field of study in academia. At its heart astrobiology is quite speculative, since we only have one notable data point of evidence that life occurs at all in the universe, namely good ol’ Mama Earth. There is however, a useful rule of thumb often attributed to Richard Feynman (who is incidentally also credited with a good portion of modern physics), that whatever is not forbidden in nature is mandatory.”

Astrobiological musings

Empowering Knowledge

We prize the ability to read.

It empowers.

There is much to know and learn, but what is relevant?

What empowers you?

enables you to be a greater, more effective human being?

Don’t be drowned in the sea of knowledge; find what works.

For you.