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The internet has evolved quite quickly:

1. dialup (10 years ago) – the good old days of tying up a phoneline for hours on end.  Basically text and images, an attempt to reproduce the written page.

2. basic broadband (3 years ago) – depending on where you live, access to 1 Mbps broadband has now become the norm.  Great for audio, and is usable for basic video.

3. faster broadband (less than 12 months): still struggling to make inroads.  Trying to push the streaming DVD model.

along the way, we have seen greater sophistication in page layouts, an adoption of ad-supported media, and greater interaction.  The net has become a de-facto aid for the human mind.

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Extra Wide Screen


for those troublesome maps

Cheaper Bibles

Technology is a powerful beast.  From the printing press was spawned the Renaissance and the Modern World.

Books and printing transformed the nature of knowledge.

We are living in a time when once again, consciousness is being altered by the way we gain and then impart experience.

“But the imact of Gutenberg’s technology was not about cheaper bibles – it instead unleashed an entirely unforseen intellectual revolution: it gave any one with an idea the ability to publish. Anything.”

The Unforseen Consequences of Innovation

Search as Service

would you pay for google?

say 10 bucks a year?  for search.

don’t forget, the google machine is a company, and a company is designed to make money

as soon as growth forecasts fail, wall street will put pressure on them to come up with returns

now that you’re addicted, we’ll charge you for it

paid search