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The internet has evolved quite quickly:

1. dialup (10 years ago) – the good old days of tying up a phoneline for hours on end.  Basically text and images, an attempt to reproduce the written page.

2. basic broadband (3 years ago) – depending on where you live, access to 1 Mbps broadband has now become the norm.  Great for audio, and is usable for basic video.

3. faster broadband (less than 12 months): still struggling to make inroads.  Trying to push the streaming DVD model.

along the way, we have seen greater sophistication in page layouts, an adoption of ad-supported media, and greater interaction.  The net has become a de-facto aid for the human mind.

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Pressing the Why Button

You read and scan so much these days, you wonder what happens to it all.

I process things pretty quickly, and I bet you do too. We’re all info-savvy consumers these days.

What happens?

It gets sized up in an instant. We see a blog post, or a Yahoo news item, a sports report – and it’s an either/or decision.

Is it good? or is it crap?

Filling up the crap box is pretty easy – the good stuff we have to spend time on.