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Chill Out

I’m taking a short break.

I’ll be back in 2 weeks.

take care.

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The internet has evolved quite quickly:

1. dialup (10 years ago) – the good old days of tying up a phoneline for hours on end.  Basically text and images, an attempt to reproduce the written page.

2. basic broadband (3 years ago) – depending on where you live, access to 1 Mbps broadband has now become the norm.  Great for audio, and is usable for basic video.

3. faster broadband (less than 12 months): still struggling to make inroads.  Trying to push the streaming DVD model.

along the way, we have seen greater sophistication in page layouts, an adoption of ad-supported media, and greater interaction.  The net has become a de-facto aid for the human mind.

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Street Art

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cars.jpgyeah, it’s like love … – whatever 🙂

The 5 per centers

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engaged with life? involved?

You must be one of the 5 per centers.  Everyone else is just an observer.

Whatfor Schools?

The uses and abuses of education have occupied me of late.  We force kids to undergo over a decade of this system – 6 hours/day, 5 days/week, 30-35 weeks per year.  Indoctrination or training the mind? or just waste of time?

Or just a holding pen for kids?

There are many views, but only one outcome – the ones they endure and survive.

“Down through history and all over the world, education has had two great goals: to help people become smart and to help them become good.”

Virtue Education: Does it Work?

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